Salient Benefits and Career Scope of Humanities Degree

In this technically advanced world, we often hear that a degree in arts and humanities is worthless and does not offer any significant career opportunities. Pushes by people to increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education has resulted in giving rise to newer concerns about the value of humanities degree and also to arguments about why arts and humanities are extremely important even for the students of science and commerce stream.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss why one should pursue a degree in arts and humanities from the best university for humanities in India.

  • To practice the logical and analytical thinking skills that you require to be a successful and valuable employee.
  • To enhance your oral and written communication skills.
  • To examine the interconnectedness of all areas of study and how they all fit together.
  • To build a global perspective by studying different cultures prevailing across the world.
  • To strengthen your understanding and appreciation for different cultures and points of view.
  • To sustain and strengthen your local arts community by knowing to value the significance of creativity.
  • To elucidate your values by comparing your notions to what others have thought.
  • To intensify your sources of knowledge by learning how others must have dealt with success, failures, adversities, and triumphs.
  • To value what is enduring and to become able to differentiate between what is meaningless and meaningful.
  • To be encouraged by some of the greatest minds of the ages.

Scope of Liberal Arts

There is limitless scope for students, who have pursued a degree in humanities from one of the top 20 humanities colleges in India. It prepares you for employment in a range of industrial sectors. It basically focuses on interdisciplinary learning, which links language to science and mathematics to literature.

Career in Humanities in India

As it explained earlier, humanities covers subjects like literature, science, mathematics, and philosophy. Humanities graduates may select careers in business, science, sales/ management and in several other fields.

One can also look for career choices in social work, writing, publishing, research, journalism, library operations, accounting, business, teaching, private, fundraising, and civil services, public sectors, NGOs, marketing, academics, engineering sectors, business, etc.

Who Can Pursue a Degree in Humanities?

Students, who have passed 12th or senior secondary examination in any discipline, are eligible to take admission in this program. Graduates in humanities can pursue Post graduation in arts and humanities from any Indian or foreign university.

Humanities offers students a well-rounded experience in enduring skills that will let you to get used to new challenges on both personal and professional fronts, and manage varied responsibilities competently.

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The pros and cons of UK medical school interview courses

Like every other thing that exists in the universe, even medical school interview courses have their pros and cons. The UK medical school interview course has its share of advantages and disadvantages as well. Based in central Manchester, the center where the course is delivered is at a walking distance from Manchester Medical School. Besides this, other venues are also situated throughout the UK.


Central Location

The UK medical school interview courses are located throughout the country. All its centers are centrally located which makes it easy for the students to attend these medicine interview courses. The aspirants who yearn to become medical professionals will not find it difficult to attend the courses as they are spread throughout the country.

Easy enrollment

Your background is irrelevant for these medicine interview courses. It is entirely based on your potential, the effort that you are ready to put in and merit. It initially becomes hectic for every student to run back and forth for the admission process. Hence, to make things easier, a comprehensive application guide is made available on the website.

This makes it easier and less time consuming for the students to compare the courses with others and enroll in the course of their choice. You will simply need to select the relevant venue once you are ready to enroll in the course. Once done with that, post your order you will receive a confirmation to attend the medical school interview courses on the specified day at a specified time.

Nicely Drafted

All the guides and course articles are exclusively written by doctors, which helps everyone online and offline. It becomes easier for the students who are, for any reason, not able to attend their classes. They can simply look for the course schedule of that day, online and go through everything that they have missed. The courses are available throughout the year across the various centers.



Even though the centers are distributed throughout the country, the main center is located in Manchester. This is a very huge disadvantage on the part of the other students who are attending classes in centers of the other areas. They miss out on a huge amount of knowledge and the majority of courses.

Think for yourselves

Students are encouraged to think for themselves. This is a very good pedagogy to have a medicine interview course based on. However, not all students are as outgoing as the others. This might affect their personality in a certain way. Some might even find it difficult to attend the classes and might eventually take back from attending the courses.

Sum Up

The medical school interview courses are very well designed for strong and confident future medical professionals. However, it is strongly recommended for only those who are confident enough. Overall the course structure is very well designed and executed by experienced professionals. There is no way anyone is going to miss out on anything important that should have been taught in this well-planned medicine interview course.

2018’s Most Recommended Typing Training Program For Kids

The children of this generation are way more advanced compared to the kids from 2 or 3 decades ago. We have to admit that most of the kids these days are well-versed in how computer works, sometimes more than what their parents know. But aside from teaching them everything that they can learn using the internet, it is important to teach them the proper way of typing on the keyboard, for example, the hand positioning and what keys does each finger have to touch.

There are plenty of games and tutorials online that can help kids learn, but sometimes they can get boring and the child loses interest. You must carefully choose the games that you would want them to try to make sure that they learn everything about typing and touch-typing which can help them as they get older. So here are the most recommended typing training programs that you can check out which might be perfect for your little genius.

Dance Mat Typing.

If you want your kids to learn how to touch-type, the dance mat typing for kids is the most recommended program for your child. This game has 4 different levels and each of these levels has 3 stages. The characters and the challenges are specifically designed for young children who are also still learning how to read and write. The first stages start slowly and it gets more challenging on the next levels. More typing techniques will be learned like the correct positioning and the correct keys that each finger can touch. At the end of this program, parents can print a certificate as a reward.

dance mat typing for kids

Keyboard Climber 2.

If your child is just starting to learn the letters of the alphabet, this is the most recommended game for you. Unlike the other typing games, Keyboard Climber 2 has no timer so the kid can play at his own pace. The storyline is about a money that got stuck on a cave and character needs to jump over some rocks and this can be achieved by letting the child hit the right key that appears on the screen.

The Typing Of The Ghosts.

Older kids are more adventures and they love to take risks which is why this new learning game is perfect for them. The goal of this game is to correctly type the words as shown on the screen as quickly as you can in order to prevent the ghosts in the background from coming closer and touching you. The secret to this game is, the faster and the more accurate you type, the better. This game can effectively sharpen your child’s speed and accuracy when touch-typing.

It is highly recommended to teach young children the correct way of using the keyboard because, in the long run, their hands and wrists are going to suffer if they are doing it incorrectly. Teach older children will be harder so as soon as your child shows interest in using the computer, try these games for them to fully understand how to use the keyboard the right way.a

GRE: A Comprehensive Examination

Often in life, we are subject to challenges, and in the life of a growing adult, examinationis the pinnacle of all challenges. Young adults face exams on a virtually daily basis and are subject to tests throughout their student life. As one passes through the stages of high school and the college, they are ready to face the harsh realities of the world and take on even more challenges.

Nowadays, students are increasingly opting to continue their education and instead procure more knowledge and look for better opportunities, where they can apply their skills in a better manner. One of the most commonly chosen methods is to take up a master’s degree course. When one finishes their degree programme or undergraduate as it is called abroad, they can either take up a job based on the merit or opt to study further.

The most ideal option is to apply abroad and to pursue studies in an institution which offers path-breaking courses and curriculum. There are many preferred destinations such as the United States and the United Kingdom, among other places. All of them have one pre-requisite, and that is to complete an examination called the GRE which stands for Graduate Record Examination. This examination is no easy task and needs a very concrete effort to get good scores.

There are many institutes which provide a great GRE preparation course in Bangalore, Mumbai and in other cities across the country. They have professionals at the helm of the institute and they give expert counsel and guidance to students. Along with this they provide, study material, books and mock examinations. Each student is also given a timetable based on their schedule to help them get used to the conditions of the examinations.

It is a very tough examination and they need to have adequate preparation in order to successfully get great scores and be eligible for acceptance at their desired colleges. The prep for the exam should ideally begin sometime around a few months before the test date. The test is made of two parts, namely the quant section and the written and verbal section. The former tests the student’s acumen in mathematical reasoning and how he thinks to solve problems. The latter is a test of the student’s knowledge and vocabulary of the English language.

Along with study preparation, one needs to be mentally prepped in order to ace these exams. Doing things such as implementing a timetable and taking multiple exams and timing the mock tests, can help give a mental edge and help them take the examination stress-free. Other methods such as taking the test in an organized and step by step manner and learning the usage of scratch paper require more practice and help from institutes. One can also learn from any web portals provided by the coaching centre. There are numerous GRE prep classes in Bangalore, Delhi and other places that one can choose from.

Taking this examination can help students; take a path towards a brighter and better future. Acquiring a higher education can make all the difference in the world today and it should be a priority for most students.

Why offline coaching is not required for IBPS Clerk Exam?

Education not only builds a person’s personality but also gives him/her a stable platform for the establishment of a sound career. The education system in India is different from that prevalent in the western nations. The curriculum, examination pattern, grading system, and gradual academic promotion aim at enriching the mind of any student. The education that you get in the schools is nothing like the preparation you require for cracking competitive government jobs. The craze for government and banking sector jobs is high among students, and young professionals.

But your average academic degrees will not help you to make the cut. Thus, special preparation is necessary before you apply for IBPS Clerk Exam. Sitting for this competitive exam, without adequate training is like flushing the money down the drain. It might not be possible for candidates to prepare for the IBPS Clerk Exam on their own. They need to opt for coaching classes, where professional teachers guide them towards the attainment of their goals. The popularity of offline coaching classes has come down significantly. Many students are of the opinion that these are no longer necessary for IBPS Clerk Exam preparations.

Offline coaching classes tend to become uninteresting

An advantage of the online IBPS Clerk preparation lessons is you need not worry about the quality of the lectures. The online coaching site owners are aware of the fact that candidates have several options at their disposal. In case they are not satisfied with the study material or lectures, they will never log in again. So, these sites upload the best speeches. That is not the case with offline classes. As these centers take the entire course fee at one go, they do not have any obligation to offer the best. Many candidates understand that the traditional centers are not up to the marl only after they join the actual classes. By that time, it becomes too late. Offline courses do not come with any trial sessions, which can offer students a better idea of the overall quality of preparation technique and study materials.

Continuous attention span is difficult

Young candidates do not have a very long attention span. If any person is not interested in the lecture, then he/she will not be able to imbibe every minute detail that the teacher imparts. That may not be an issue if you are in school or college, but when you desire to bat on the IBPS turf, then undivided attention is a must. Most candidates find online coaching classes better than offline courses as they can pause the lecture when they find it difficult to concentrate. It is also possible to go back to the same point again and again. These are not possible in a traditional coaching class. If you are ready to work hard, then it is not impossible to crack the bank exam without offline classes.

Traditional coaching classes cannot help lazy students

Another reason why the importance of offline coaching centers is no longer as high as it used to be is that it has been proven that only hard working and industrious candidates will succeed in scoring high marks in IBPS clerical exams. Online classes instill an interest in the minds of aspirants. It is something that the offline coaching centers will not be able to accomplish.

These points are not to demean the importance of traditional coaching classes. This just highlights that with the development of technology, online coaching has overtaken the popularity of offline courses. If any candidate feels that conventional preparation suits him/her best, then he/she should opt for that without a second thought.

Tips to make your Resume Unique

Everyone can write up a resume of their own without taking any help from the professional resume writers. But definitely the quality of the resume will mark the difference between an ordinary resume and a resume drafted by a professional. The difference will sum up to use of key words, formats , language etc. Hence here are 10 tips that can improve your knowledge and help you compete with a professional resume writer.

  1. Short and Precise : You are not here to write an essay about yourself! Yes you heard me right. It is very important to keep your resume short and precise only highlighting important things.
  2. Position you are applying for : It is obvious that the recruiters are usually very busy so they might well skip out certain things if not mentioned clearly and they might end up rejecting your resume. The position you are seeking is to be clearly mentioned or else the consequence can be varied.
  3. Brief description about yourself : Before you start writing about your career history it is of utter importance to give a brief  but short description of the kind of employee you are and the expectations the employers can have from you. But the description should not contain any jagrons or jumbled up words that speak highly about you.
  4. Back up your qualities and strengths :instead of creating a long list of all the qualities you possess connect them with real life and work experiences. You need to backup your qualities otherwise it will look as if you are inflating things.
  5. Focus on achievements : Your focus should be mainly on the achievements that you have gathered in your previous work fields which has improved your knowledge and makes you an even better choice for the prospective
  6. Advantage : You have to clearly mention your expertise knowledge and skills that makes you different from other probable applicants by highlight the advantages for hiring you.
  7. Replace your Objective with Career Summary: If you add an objective to your resume it is important to tailor it to match the job you are applying for. Hence , consider using a career summary or resume
  8. Format : Don’t fill up your resume completely. Use enough space and keywords that will highlight your skill so that it looks attractive. Go through samples from the internet so that you get a fair idea to design your own resume.
  9. Important Keywords : Make sure that your resume contains all the important keywords that a job applicant of your field might generally use. Doing so might automatically help your resume go through the automated applicant systems and HR screenings.
  10. Font : Choose a simple and common font to write up your resume. A stylish font may look good but if the recipient’s automated system may not have the font installed and so your resume will lose all its formatting.

Try these tips as they might help you in designing  your resume in such a way so that the resume attracts the hiring managers and compels them to schedule an interview with you. Such tips are often utilized by professional resume writers.