Tips to make your Resume Unique

Everyone can write up a resume of their own without taking any help from the professional resume writers. But definitely the quality of the resume will mark the difference between an ordinary resume and a resume drafted by a professional. The difference will sum up to use of key words, formats , language etc. Hence here are 10 tips that can improve your knowledge and help you compete with a professional resume writer.

  1. Short and Precise : You are not here to write an essay about yourself! Yes you heard me right. It is very important to keep your resume short and precise only highlighting important things.
  2. Position you are applying for : It is obvious that the recruiters are usually very busy so they might well skip out certain things if not mentioned clearly and they might end up rejecting your resume. The position you are seeking is to be clearly mentioned or else the consequence can be varied.
  3. Brief description about yourself : Before you start writing about your career history it is of utter importance to give a brief  but short description of the kind of employee you are and the expectations the employers can have from you. But the description should not contain any jagrons or jumbled up words that speak highly about you.
  4. Back up your qualities and strengths :instead of creating a long list of all the qualities you possess connect them with real life and work experiences. You need to backup your qualities otherwise it will look as if you are inflating things.
  5. Focus on achievements : Your focus should be mainly on the achievements that you have gathered in your previous work fields which has improved your knowledge and makes you an even better choice for the prospective
  6. Advantage : You have to clearly mention your expertise knowledge and skills that makes you different from other probable applicants by highlight the advantages for hiring you.
  7. Replace your Objective with Career Summary: If you add an objective to your resume it is important to tailor it to match the job you are applying for. Hence , consider using a career summary or resume
  8. Format : Don’t fill up your resume completely. Use enough space and keywords that will highlight your skill so that it looks attractive. Go through samples from the internet so that you get a fair idea to design your own resume.
  9. Important Keywords : Make sure that your resume contains all the important keywords that a job applicant of your field might generally use. Doing so might automatically help your resume go through the automated applicant systems and HR screenings.
  10. Font : Choose a simple and common font to write up your resume. A stylish font may look good but if the recipient’s automated system may not have the font installed and so your resume will lose all its formatting.

Try these tips as they might help you in designing  your resume in such a way so that the resume attracts the hiring managers and compels them to schedule an interview with you. Such tips are often utilized by professional resume writers.

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