Salient Benefits and Career Scope of Humanities Degree

In this technically advanced world, we often hear that a degree in arts and humanities is worthless and does not offer any significant career opportunities. Pushes by people to increase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education has resulted in giving rise to newer concerns about the value of humanities degree and also to arguments about why arts and humanities are extremely important even for the students of science and commerce stream.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss why one should pursue a degree in arts and humanities from the best university for humanities in India.

  • To practice the logical and analytical thinking skills that you require to be a successful and valuable employee.
  • To enhance your oral and written communication skills.
  • To examine the interconnectedness of all areas of study and how they all fit together.
  • To build a global perspective by studying different cultures prevailing across the world.
  • To strengthen your understanding and appreciation for different cultures and points of view.
  • To sustain and strengthen your local arts community by knowing to value the significance of creativity.
  • To elucidate your values by comparing your notions to what others have thought.
  • To intensify your sources of knowledge by learning how others must have dealt with success, failures, adversities, and triumphs.
  • To value what is enduring and to become able to differentiate between what is meaningless and meaningful.
  • To be encouraged by some of the greatest minds of the ages.

Scope of Liberal Arts

There is limitless scope for students, who have pursued a degree in humanities from one of the top 20 humanities colleges in India. It prepares you for employment in a range of industrial sectors. It basically focuses on interdisciplinary learning, which links language to science and mathematics to literature.

Career in Humanities in India

As it explained earlier, humanities covers subjects like literature, science, mathematics, and philosophy. Humanities graduates may select careers in business, science, sales/ management and in several other fields.

One can also look for career choices in social work, writing, publishing, research, journalism, library operations, accounting, business, teaching, private, fundraising, and civil services, public sectors, NGOs, marketing, academics, engineering sectors, business, etc.

Who Can Pursue a Degree in Humanities?

Students, who have passed 12th or senior secondary examination in any discipline, are eligible to take admission in this program. Graduates in humanities can pursue Post graduation in arts and humanities from any Indian or foreign university.

Humanities offers students a well-rounded experience in enduring skills that will let you to get used to new challenges on both personal and professional fronts, and manage varied responsibilities competently.

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