2018’s Most Recommended Typing Training Program For Kids

The children of this generation are way more advanced compared to the kids from 2 or 3 decades ago. We have to admit that most of the kids these days are well-versed in how computer works, sometimes more than what their parents know. But aside from teaching them everything that they can learn using the internet, it is important to teach them the proper way of typing on the keyboard, for example, the hand positioning and what keys does each finger have to touch.

There are plenty of games and tutorials online that can help kids learn, but sometimes they can get boring and the child loses interest. You must carefully choose the games that you would want them to try to make sure that they learn everything about typing and touch-typing which can help them as they get older. So here are the most recommended typing training programs that you can check out which might be perfect for your little genius.

Dance Mat Typing.

If you want your kids to learn how to touch-type, the dance mat typing for kids is the most recommended program for your child. This game has 4 different levels and each of these levels has 3 stages. The characters and the challenges are specifically designed for young children who are also still learning how to read and write. The first stages start slowly and it gets more challenging on the next levels. More typing techniques will be learned like the correct positioning and the correct keys that each finger can touch. At the end of this program, parents can print a certificate as a reward.

dance mat typing for kids

Keyboard Climber 2.

If your child is just starting to learn the letters of the alphabet, this is the most recommended game for you. Unlike the other typing games, Keyboard Climber 2 has no timer so the kid can play at his own pace. The storyline is about a money that got stuck on a cave and character needs to jump over some rocks and this can be achieved by letting the child hit the right key that appears on the screen.

The Typing Of The Ghosts.

Older kids are more adventures and they love to take risks which is why this new learning game is perfect for them. The goal of this game is to correctly type the words as shown on the screen as quickly as you can in order to prevent the ghosts in the background from coming closer and touching you. The secret to this game is, the faster and the more accurate you type, the better. This game can effectively sharpen your child’s speed and accuracy when touch-typing.

It is highly recommended to teach young children the correct way of using the keyboard because, in the long run, their hands and wrists are going to suffer if they are doing it incorrectly. Teach older children will be harder so as soon as your child shows interest in using the computer, try these games for them to fully understand how to use the keyboard the right way.a

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