I wanted to share with you my experience on finding a great training provider for studying an online course.  For me, I wanted to study Real Estate in Queensland.  I did the usual Google searching and came up with a list of providers, but where do I start?  How do I know who is good and who is not?

Not only did I not know about each of the training providers, but I also didn’t really know what type of course I needed and also what type of job I really could get at the end of my financial and time investment into a course. I therefore knew that I needed a few things to suss out, so I made a list that consisted of:

  • Which course did I NEED to do?
  • What courses are there and what job will I get once I complete them?
  • What are the steps involved in getting a job in real estate?
  • How would be course be presented online?
  • How reputable was the training provider – would they take my money and run?
  • How easy would the course be to complete?
  • Would I get any support along the way in my studies?

These were just a few of my questions that I needed to find answers for.  So how did I find the answers and who was the best at helping me?  To start I needed to do my own research, so I:

  • Read each of the training providers websites to look for who is simple to navigate and understand
  • Look at each of the providers social media sites and look for:
    • What social presence do they have?  How many platforms are they on?
    • How frequently do they post and when was their last post?
    • Look at their reviews – read their reviews and look for consistent messages and look at the volume of reviews over a long period of time (be aware of those people who have lots of reviews in a short bursts)
  • Ring each of the training providers and talk to them about each of the above questions.  Look for those who have excellent customer service, and those who seem to know what they are talking about. A good trick is to ring them on different days and see if you get them same information (I was amazed that some organisations were quoting me different prices on different days and providing different information – Sigh)

All my investigation it was definitely worth the time.  Without a doubt Validum Institute who can be found here  https://www.validum.edu.au/  was by far the best.  They were reasonably priced, the best by far in terms of responsiveness and customer service.  Without a doubt the best reviews by far were from Validum.  And they did not disappoint.  I couldn’t be happier with my course and the information they gave me.

It just goes to show that if you do your research you will have a great experience studying.  I hope my tips help.

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