Learn Japanese in 20 Minutes only at JapanesePod101

Japanese have an astonishing culture. Several people from different countries admired how Japanese culture has its unique sense of identity. When it comes to favoring Japan, you ought to become drawn to the way of living of Japanese people. One way to show your admiration towards the country and its people is by learning their language and culture. When you do that, you want it to come from a reliable and credible source. 

What is JapanesePod101?

JapanesePod101 is a platform founded to teach people across the world about Japanese. It offers various lessons about the Japanese language, culture, gestures, and so much more. Founded by Peter Galante, Eran Dekel, and Aki Yoshikawa, JapanesePod101 served plenty of people. All those who aim to gain more knowledge about the Japanese language. More so, about its culture for various reasons. Hence, it is a language course, where people can take courses for free.

Why is JapanesePod101 beneficial to you?

Admiring one’s culture is one thing to portray your passion and admiration towards their culture. You can step up your game by learning the culture yourself. JapanesePod101 can serve as an avenue for people to embody the culture and connect to its people. In this case, JapanesePod101 made it possible for people to grasp these learnings accessibly. You can get lessons online. Plus, JapanesePod101 is downloadable to any of your Android and IOS devices.

How accessible is JapanesePod101? 

JapanesePod101 has a version where you can download it to any of your Android or IOS devices. It also has a downloadable version available for your tablets. With this, you can take classes, watch their tutorial videos for 20 minutes, and even listen to their audio workshops anywhere and anytime. You can also access a one-on-one tutoring session with your private teachers here, making it very efficient. 

Is it necessary to learn Japanese? 

You have to know their basic formal gestures, especially when visiting a country you have never been to before. For instance, in Japan, bowing is a gesture of respect. When you know these things, you are respecting the culture and its people. It is necessary, especially if you are going to work there. You can learn japanese in months from JapanesePod101 for free.

With all that said, JapanesePod101 is a credible language course podcast that anyone can avail of taking. Check their website and enroll in the course now. With JapanesePod101, you can unravel the beauty and essence of Japanese culture and its language.