Career Counseling – The Next Step Ahead Towards Your Future

There are any different ways where your skills can be tested. Only according to the results of these career guidance tests you should decide upon your next career move. You should be practical in life. Taking career counseling from experienced counselor means you are guided in a precious career-pathway. It is a choice that you get to make only seldom in your life. Make sure that you make a good choice because this preference will stay forever with you.

There are certain profiling tools that will help to bring out the true you. Tests like SWOT analysis reveal the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats in your life. It gives a clear picture about your dark and grey areas, whereas also making you aware of your strengths, at the same time. Let us say that you are not good at reasoning skills. A manager needs to be good with reasoning. SWOT analysis will tell you the strengths you have and accordingly it helps to plan your career.

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Tools like Johor window will give a hint about your personality. It tells us about the various hidden and many such features about your personality which you might not be aware of. Matching your preferences, ability and performance in one area can be a very good endeavor to achieve long-term gains in a profession. The many other types of career guidance test include:

  • IQ test.
  • Aptitude test.
  • Reasoning test.
  • Emotional quotient test.
  • Adversity Quotient
  • Creativity Quotient
  • VAK test.
  • Personality test.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Psychometric test.
  • Multiple intelligence tests.

These tests will reflect upon a true picture of your abilities. It does not matter even if you score low in some of these tests. Not everyone is a jack of all traits. Rather you should take the outcome in a positive manner and make your decisions accordingly.

You can take online career counseling if there are no good institutes in your area. These tests will help you realize your abilities to the fullest. However, it is suggested that you choose your counselor with utmost care.

What is personality inventory?

A personality inventory will study and record all your personality traits. A career guidance counselor would make a personality inventory of each candidate and then suggest career tips according to each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Some of the examples of these traits are your response to the external environment, leadership styles, interactions with others, confidence level, motivation, etc.

The career choice is one of the most crucial and important decisions of our life. You do not want to work upon the suggestion given by amateurs on this subject. Instead, it is wise to go for a reputed career counselor and get a detailed evaluation of your personal qualities, then only jump to scientific conclusions related to your career choice. A career is integrated lifelong strategy of any individual. It stays with him or her forever and will earn the daily bread for an individual, so make a wise decision.

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