The impact of natural disasters on human life

If there is something that makes life take a u-turn, it is the aftermath of a disaster. People suffer greatly after a natural calamity.

They need help to come out of their situation. Many individuals and organizations give a helping hand during such times. One of them is bashir dawood and his family who support the needy after a sudden development like a flood or cyclone. They organize many relief camps to help reduce the sufferings of people, some of these sufferings are mentioned below.

Population becomes displaced- In many natural calamities, a major section of the population gets displaced from their original homes. They are forced to seek refuge in some other place. It is not so easy to leave the place they have lived for so long. They become emotionally attached to the place and also their work, education, etc are based in that place only. Also, a sudden movement of people into other areas increases the demand for food and water there.

The scarcity of food occurs as an immediate effect of a natural disaster. Many crops are destroyed, agricultural supplies are washed away. Many storage warehouses are destroyed by natural forces leading to a shortage of food grains and other essential commodities. This shortage leads to a price rise. Lack of proper nutrition makes the children in these families sick and malnourished. This can have a long-lasting impact on the growth of children.

Health concerns also arise after a natural disaster. When there are floods, there is a lot of stagnant water and this becomes a breeding ground for infections. Sewage gets mixed up with drinking water in most places. The growth of mosquitoes leads to many diseases like malaria and dengue. Earthquake damages the homes and makes the people stranded without a roof. They are forced to eat whatever is available and this can cause many diseases.

Loss of livelihood- Many people lose their jobs after a calamity. Some of them are involved in small businesses, roadside shops, etc which are severely damaged after a disaster. They do not have sufficient money to be back on track. This makes them struggle to make ends meet.

Loss of property is also an aftermath of a calamity. Either a cyclone, flood, or earthquake damages the property of people. They lose their homes and all that they have saved so far. They come to a position that they should start from the beginning.

Emotional shocks are also possible after a disaster.  Losing loved ones to a disaster haunts them mentally. It takes a lot of mental strength to come out of the trauma caused by witnessing the destruction. Children are the most affected in such cases.  People lose all their savings in a few minutes and this disturbs them a lot. Suddenly they become dependent on others for their needs.