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Once in our life, we experienced presenting an assigned report in a class or an office meeting. Back in the day, when we are in the middle of a room showing some report to listeners or clients, we use visual aids or manual handwritten reports in a colorful paper with designs. But after technology came, we are no longer presenting a manual report. Their new system gives us a way of how reporting should be done.

Technology experts created PowerPoint. It is a powerful tool for presenting any documents that will make our reports organized, more presentable, and attractive to its viewers. It has a lot of features that the user can use. Most of the audience will enjoy reading and watching a presentation when it is professionally prepared. It is the most used presentation tool since its creation until today.

There are many cool things and awesome things you can do with PowerPoint. It is very useful for every student and professionals when they want to present or propose something in their superiors. Most of its features are easy to learn and do. But for others, they may find it difficult and hard to do, that is why there are powerpoint training courses singapore where you can learn and master all these things quickly.

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Following are a list of amazing things you can do with this compelling presentation tool:

  • Slides – In a book, we called it pages, but in powerpoint, they call it slides. This is where we input all our data. You can add more slides until you finish all of the documents you need to present.
  • Animation – it is an effect where you can apply to an object inside your slide for them to move or do other effects depending on the user.
  • Audio across slides – It has built-in audio that you can use in your presentation. You can also import your audio to customize your slides. The duration of the sound can be set and can apply to all if you want.
  • Custom background – You can upload your image if you want to customize your background. It can be your picture or images that are related to your presentation.
  • Transitions – No one likes a dull slide; that’s why one of its features is where we will see slides that make beautiful transitions before going to the next slide.
  • Unique Font Styles – There are a lot of font styles you can use in your presentation. Unlike the written reports, it is more attractive to the readers due to its uniqueness.
  • Making video content – You can import your videos and edit them with the tools that powerpoint has. You can add titles and subtitles to it.

These are just some features of PowerPoint presentation. There a lot more if you studied and learned how to use it. Go on training to absorb all the skills so that you can be a professional powerpoint expert.

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