How to Become Stronger At Biology for NEET?

Biology is an important and essential subject in NEET UG as it carries the highest marks in the exam out of all the other subjects. It can help to increase the overall score of candidates in CBSE NEETif they prepare well. Looking at the previous year’s NEET question paper we can see that the difficulty level of the subject has increased due to the increase in competition. Both sections of Biology, that is Botany and Zoology carries equal marks; hence, equal attention should be paid to them while preparing for the examination.

The only way to become stronger in any subject is to make the concepts in that subject crystal clear. While preparing for Biology, aspirants should not leave any topic, any line and any word uncovered. Candidates should follow NCERT Biology textbooks thoroughly and revise it as many times as possible in a day. Candidates can also refer other NEET books but they should remember that 75 questions come directly from NCERT. Here are some strategies that can help aspirants to become stronger in Biology for NEET.

Make notes

One of the best ways to prepare for the subject and score more marks in the exam is to prepare handwritten notes. Aspirants can make shortcuts and flow charts to learn all the important topics and the topics which are difficult to remember. These notes can be also used for revision and also for preparing last minute for the exam.

NEET Books

There are thousands of books in the market for NEET preparation, but aspirants must find the right books suitable for them. NCERT book is the best book to prepare for NEET UG Exam as it clears the basic concepts. Candidates can also follow other standard and comprehensive books to boost their NEET preparation.

Know the important topics

Medical aspirants preparing for NEET Exam should be completely aware of the NEET syllabus and the exam pattern. Candidates should know the important topics which can set a base in their preparation. Topics such as Plant Physiology, Human Physiology, Genetics, Ecology, and Morphology of plants should be given a lot of importance. NCERT should be followed for topics such as Plant Physiology, Ecology, Biology in human welfare, Diversity in living world, and Biotechnology.

Practice MCQs

Candidates who want to be stronger in the biology section for NEET should practice the MCQs every day. The MCQs should be from different topics and different books. Candidates can also practice MCQs from different educational sites on the internet.

Prepare diagrams

Diagrams play a huge role in the NEET exam. Lot of questions in NEET UG are diagram based so aspirants should thoroughly prepare diagrams to score good marks in the examination

Solve previous year’s question paper

Aspirants should solve previous year’s NEET question paper along with studying. By this way, they can analyze their weak and strong sections and can also get an idea about the question pattern and difficulty level of the exam. The solving of question papers will also boost the aspirant’s speed and accuracy.

Biology is the most important subject in NEET Exam and candidates should not take it lightly. With practice and hard work, candidates can create a strong grip in this section. They can follow the above-mentioned steps which can help them to become stronger in biology. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch interesting and engaging videos on NEET Biology topics.

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