Host a Student-Gain a Friend

Host a student from beyond the borders of the United States and discover the difference between Nations is not as insurmountable as previously thought. Providing a safe and secure environment in a family environment, to host a student from a Nation across multiple borders is one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable. Although living in a free society to host a student is a challenge to the hosting family as well. To properly host a student the hosting family should be also interested and willing to discuss the challenges of living in the United States with proper representation of your country and the culture of your country of residency. Surprisingly as it may seem, both the hosting family and the student learn together.

Host a student requires due diligence in the preparation of the exchange students arrival. Beyond preparing normal accommodations there are intricate details of the arriving student that need to be fully addressed. Learn all about the student before arrival gives more insight as to the students present living conditions, with indications of possible areas to avoid in discussion such as politics and poverty or other grey areas. Traveling great distances and entering a land that is both confusing and somewhat alarming, arriving students will require a period of time to absorb all that is confronting him or her at a rapid succession. Patience is not only a virtue but a requirement when hosting students from abroad.

Host a student and be prepared tolisten with an open mind. Do not assume that the arriving student knows more about your country of residency than you do. Be willing to show an understanding nature during conservations when topics are not presented in everyday formats that you are accustomed to. Making time for the student and making yourself available for questions put the arriving student at ease, making him or her feel more like part of the hosting family.

Host a Students-Gain a Friend

Host a student with guidance and respect. Distribute or make him or her part of the family daily list of duties including washing dishes, taking out the trash and daily household routines. Exchange students should also be made aware of all policies previously set by parents governing inviting acquaintances over and overnight stays. Visiting students should adhere to and follow all curfews previously set and followed by existing members of the family. Taking a hosting student on what would otherwise be considered a mundane trip to the mall or grocery store could in fact be an eye opening experience for the student. Take frequent trips throughout the community to show the visiting student points of interest and other areas that make your community special.

Host a student for memories that will always be cherished and remembered. Host a student for a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of better understanding distant cultures and beliefs that once were unclear. With remembrance of times spent with the visiting student and times of close association, host a student-gain a friend.


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