Benefits of Online CAT Preparation

CAT is considered to be the most important exam for an MBA aspirant. The exam is one of the most competitive exams in the country and is taken by numerous MBA aspirants from all across the nation. CAT is conducted by the IIMs on a rotational basis as a prerequisite for admissions in their various programmes.

To ace the CAT, individuals need to have a proper CAT preparation. For preparation, one can either choose CAT coaching institutes or online CAT preparation. Both of these modes have their own upsides and downsides and choosing either of them depends upon one’s preference.

Some of the important benefits of online CAT preparation are mentioned here to help the CAT aspirants make an informed decision and choose the right mode of preparation.

  • Flexibility

One of the main advantages of online CAT preparation is flexibility. Learners can learn at their own pace and at their own comfort. Also, individuals can save a lot of time as in online coaching, there is no need to commute and go to the class. Also, a single topic can be learned multiple times in online coaching mode.

  • Personalized

In traditional classrooms, one of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of personalized learning. With online coaching, one can learn according to their self-preference. One can even learn whenever they want and whatever they are weak at. Many online apps even use adaptive technology to make the course content adapt to the user’s need.

  • Cost Effective

Most of the coaching institutes are costlier than the online classes. Also, as the online classes are flexible, CAT aspirants need to spend extra on traveling, accommodation, etc. Online classes can be taken from anywhere and the course content almost remains similar. The only additional cost that the online classes require is having a smart device (phones, PCs, etc.) and internet connectivity.

  • Proper Faculty

In online classes, all the course content of a particular section is delivered by the same faculty. Even in demo class (or sample class), the same faculty is present. Whereas, in coaching institutes, most of the time, the faculty who takes the demo class does not take the regular class. In certain cases, not all faculty in a coaching institute are of high standard.

  • Test Series

CAT is an online test and one needs to have proper acquaintance with the online exam-taking mode. Individuals preparing with online classes are provided with several mock tests to help them understand the exam better. This also helps the candidates to develop test taking and time management strategies.

  • Self Analysis

Mock test analysis can easily highlight the weak and strong topics of an individual. Analysis is a lot easier in online coaching as most of them provide a detailed report after every mock test.  Also, in an online course, revisiting the past topics is possible and can help the individuals to learn and revise their respective weak topics again and again.

These were some of the benefits of CAT preparation online. CAT aspirants are required to thoroughly analyze both the preparation modes and decide. Online preparation can be extremely advantageous for the working class due to its flexibility. However, for an individual who requires constant guidance, classroom coaching will be a better choice.

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