Are Apprenticeships Overtaking Further Education?

With the increasing importance of Apprenticeship over the 9 to 5 jobs in the entire UK, there has been a change how the younger generation is aspiring to earn as well as learn.

If you are not educated about this concept, let us bring you closer to its definition first.

Brief About Apprenticeship

This term can be referred to as a job placement where you are given the opportunity to learn. So, you can say that as an apprentice, you are going to learn newer concepts and earn too—by applying those concepts in real life.

Brief Intro on Further Education

Further education refers to that stage of your life, mostly after secondary school, or after the 16 years of age. During this period, you indulge in studying something suitable or valuable, given it’s not related to the higher education classes or courses.

There are multiple further education classes, schools, institutes in the country where thousands of the students enrol themselves every year.

The Increasing Importance of Apprenticeship Over Further Education

You Earn When You Are Learning

That’s one of the most impactful benefits of this type of learning. That being said, you can learn something which you haven’t dipped your toes into. And then with time, you can begin to reach higher positions in the same domain.

It Has A Higher Scope Worldwide

It Has A Higher Scope Worldwide

The apprenticeship programs or contracts between the employee and employer have better scope than further education or any other higher secondary subjects to opt. You can learn about that eventually through the latest education news on different platforms online.

You Can Follow Your Passion And Earn From It

This type of education is not only about learning something you love to. But it also focuses on you monetizing your worth to the targeted group of big companies that you want to work for.

So, in the end, you get to learn the nitty-gritty of what you love to do and still earn from it.

You Don’t Need Any Higher Degree After That As Such

Once you are employed for an apprenticeship program or contact, chances of you getting a permanent position in that firm are higher. So, you wouldn’t have to go learn something else just for the sake of higher education. Thus, you feel safe and burden less about the higher education that usually other students or new hires are worried to opt for. That often happens when they have been working for one year or more. But, with the apprenticeship contracts, you can continue to work for as long as you want without worrying about the higher education degree in hand.

In one way or another, people love to earn money while they are learning. And this is an excellent opportunity for those who are driven by their goals.

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