5 Grammar mistakes which can makes you look stupid

From the day when we start using writing as a form of communication, the need of having a good grammatical sense became important. If you make one mistake, the entire sense and structure of the sentence get change, and you fail to deliver the message which it was supposed to send. That is why having the right knowledge of grammar is important so you won’t look stupid in your writing.

Having a perfect grammar and total command on your words and sentence structure is only possible for the writers and writers who give the services of professional dissertation writers UK. That is why expecting it from a lay man is not possible in this era. Out of many reasons of this, the social media is foremost. The English that you and I are using on the internet is making us forget all the rules that we have learned in our schools. That is why there is a brigade on the social media websites called Grammar Nazi has a job to correct all the grammatical mistakes that make us look stupid.

To save you from this embarrassment, in the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you those five grammar mistakes which can make anyone looks stupid while writing English anywhere on the internet or the paper.

  1. Your vs. You’re:

This is the most common mistake that we all made. I am sure that there would be not a single person on the social media who has not committed this mistake once in his life. To clear the confusion between “your” and “you’re” once in for all, I am going to explain it in the next lines.

“Your” is a possessive pronoun. Means that if you own something like car, books, mobile or pen, then it would be your car, your books, your mobile and your pen. On the other hand the “you’re” is the short form of “you are.”

  1. It’s vs. Its:

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The confusion between “it’s” and “its” is another common mistake committed by most of the people. It is important for all of us to understand that what difference an apostrophe can make to a word. “it’s” is a short term of the “it is” or “it has.” Conversely, the “its” is a possessive pronoun just like “Your.” You can use it by associating something to anything, not human-like animal and company.

  1. There vs. Their vs. They’re:

This is one of the most commonly found mistakes in the content due to the immense similarity in the spelling which I am going to end once in for all.

“There” and “their” are more similar in spelling and grammatical sense. We use “There” to point out or highlight any spot or location and “Their” describe something which is belonged to them.

  1. Affect vs. Effect:

Just the change of one letter changes the meaning and sense of both of these words. To keep it in mind better, remember only one thing that “Affect” is a verb which means influencing something. On the other hand “Effect” is a noun which means the result or impact of something.

  1. Then vs. Than:

Another confusion of one letter that changes the sense and meaning of the word. “Then” use to continue the story to the next step, and we use “Than” to compare things or people, for example, it is better to buy dissertation online than writing yourself.

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