Why Design is the Ideal Career Path

If you really think about it, every man made thing had to first be designed, from the chair you are sitting on, to the smartphone you use every day, or the car that you drive. This means that design is a timeless industry, and it is only the methods that change, not the concept. Obviously, the ideal candidate would have a level of flair and creativity, and with the right training, one can be ready to move into the field of design, and with so many industries demanding this essential service, you really are spoilt for choice.

Range of Industries

The automobile industry relies heavily on the design phase, as does practically every industry in the modern world, and if you are not engineering focused, fashion or interior design offers a solid career for the right minded people. Many design undergraduate courses are specifically tailored for certain industries, which allows the student to be very specific about the skills they learn.


Computer Based Design

Computer technology accounts for many design career options, and many students decide to pursue computer based design, which gives them the skills and the tools to be competitive across a range of precision industries. CAD applications make interior design much easier as it gives the user a 3D visual image of how the product or environment will look, and with the fast moving pace of software and hardware development, it pays to keep abreast with new technology.

Web Design

Every business requires a dynamic website, which means the demand for web designers is never going to decrease, and with serious career prospects, it isn’t surprising that so many undergraduates opt for some type of design course.


Every building needs to be designed and this is always a very challenging career to take on board. To some degree, mathematics and the sciences play a major role, and many universities have specific architecture courses for the budding designer who likes the challenge of construction project design.

Fashion Design

Clothing is constantly undergoing fashion trend changes, and the more creative people might want to pursue a career that really challenges their creativity, and with some universities offering undergraduate courses in fashion design, there is nothing stopping you from making your mark in the clothing design industry.

Graphic Design

This field is always in demand, and with computer and printing technology we have today, amazing results can be achieved. The prospects for a graphic designer are indeed many, and with almost every industry requiring this service, one can specialise in one specific field.

Whatever type of design you are interested, there are undergraduate courses that are tailored to specific areas of design, and by checking with many UK universities, you should be able to find something that suits your interests, and this will enable you to learn the essential skills needed to excel. One should consider many things before making your course choice, and if design is your thing, there will be a course that is perfect for you.

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