Personality Tests: What can it Reveal?

The world is home to over 7 billion people, each being a unique individual whose qualities and traits are dissimilar from one another. The 21st century is a fast-paced evolving world, with a host of advancements and inventions taking place each and every day. Multinational corporations rule the economy of today and have a place in every individual’s life. These companies operate without a hitch, with a workforce that numbers in the millions. They keep growing each year at a rapid rate and show no signs of stopping. But the world is full of such companies and the competition amongst them is cut-throat.

To sustain and keep flourishing in this highly competitive environment, one needs to have the most skilled and hardest working workforce. Companies often take tests to help reveal each individual’s talents and skills. These assessments can be used to work in both the employee and the employer’s favour by giving relevant results to either party.

There are many types of tests available some of which are: psychometric tests, aptitude tests, and coding tests. Each holds an importance in their own right and psychometric tests are one of the keys to having a very successful and stable workforce.

Oftentimes employees quit after the first year, nearly 60-95% of the employees make this decision in their first six months in a company. This shocking and staggering number is simply attributed to one factor, the company not caring enough. To avoid such a loss and a hidden loss on the company’s part, personality and psychometric tests play a crucial role. Personality tests reveal a side of the employee and also how he perceives the company.

As the name suggests they can help decode the thinking processes of an individual and his thoughts and views on various topics, which may or may not pertain to the company. Personality assessment is an important metric for any big company. They hire tens of thousands of employees each year and have to integrate them into the company at a huge cost. Losing a majority of the employees can be a disaster.  Companies spend a fortune on recruiting, assessing and training employees. If the employee feels dissatisfied and leaves all that investment goes to waste.

These tests can also help companies to group employees with a similar mind-set, and group them to work on particular teams and increase production. This testing is not limited to newer employees and can be applied to existing long-term employees as well. They can give valuable insights on how their thoughts and perceptions might have changed over the years, and how it may impact the company.

With this much information at hand, companies can then maximize its production and efficiency. Correctly assessing employees, placing them in the right work environment and introducing changes which are beneficial to them can be a morale booster for the employees. In an ever-evolving and dynamic work environment, such small steps can bring about the right engine of change and help employees take the companies to newer heights.

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